Servicing Humanity Through


We service humanity through the greatest art form that has preserved the generations of our history – the art of storytelling through film. 

The World Stage Committees are the all-embracing hands and feet of The International Legacy Film Academy.  The Committees are designed to execute the ground floor operations of the Legacy Enterprise.

TILFA functions as an idea driven organization where our high-performance-idea-processes are used to capture and manage the direction of the global Legacy Enterprise.  As such, we are top-directed driven by the ideas from the bottom-up allowing local filmmakers to drive the direction of our efforts.  Receiving these ideas and suggestions from regional filmmakers the Global Leadership Team assigns these matters to a committee.  The committee is then tasked with executing these matters.

Collectively, the goal of the World Stage Committees is to execute the corporate next action steps of regional filmmakers through the Global Leadership Team. 

Global Academy Membership Committee
TILFA is comprised of two distinct film academies – Academy I and      Academy II

Academy I |  The Trustees of Legacy Academy

Academy II |  The Legacy Academy

The Global Academy Membership Committee operates as an indispensable resource to the Trustees of Legacy and Legacy Academy in guiding their membership within the Legacy Enterprise.  Ensuring Academy member obligations, access to benefits, renewals, prize winnings, events, and so much more are executed tasks.

The primary objective of the committee is to ensure an open line of communication between the Legacy Enterprise and the Academy’s I and II.

The Legacy Award Show Committee
The world’s most coveted film award – Best FILM In the World

The Legacy Award Show is set to be the most glamorous, exclusive, star-studded annual event in the global film industry.   Recognizing the best filmmakers in the world for their cinematic achievements  voted by the best filmmakers in the world.  This committee handles the elaborate and exclusive event.

The Global Chamber of the Associate Board of Director members are encouraged to join this committee.

Global Film Admissions Committee
Filmmaker Rules & Eligibility 

The Global Film Admissions Committee oversees the appointment of regional local film rules and eligibility of the global film submissions to the Legacy organization, nominates the body of the Nomination Committee, and facilitates regional and local screenings of selected films for consideration to receive the Legacy Award for the title Best in the World in Film.

The goal of the committee is to ensure an equal playing field for each regional film community of the world seeking to share their stories via the film submission and nominations process of The Legacy Organization. 

All Regional Director appointments include appointment to this committee. 

Nominations Committee
Global Nominations of the Best Filmmakers in the World

The Nominations Committee reviews films for consideration from the Global Film Admissions Committee and selects the best films in the world for viewing and nomination by the Trustees of Legacy for the title Best in the World in Film.

The committee is tasked with executing the ballots that determine the best films from each continent to be considered for the title Best in the World in Film during the Legacy Award Show.

The goal of the committee is to ensure an equal representation of the best films from each continent is submitted for consideration.

All National Director appointments include appointment to this committee. 

Public Relations Committee
Global Media, Communications and Marketing

The PR committee manages the image and brand of the organization within public perception via the engagement of media outlets and execution of global marketing strategies.

The committee is tasked to operate as the point of contact between the Executive Leadership Team and global and local media outlets.  Marketing and communications managers sit on this committee to ensure local regulatory access and compliance.

The goal of the committee is to ensure the goals, vision, mission, status, and next action steps of the Legacy Organization are accurately represented to the public via global and local media outlets. 

Global Non-Profit Organizations Committee
Servicing Humanity

The Global Non-Profit Organizations Committee executes the philanthropic mission and vision of the Legacy Enterprise.  With 22+ new non-profits created each year, this committee manages, executes and sustains each new and preexisting non-profit organization.

The committee is tasked with engaging with the local chambers of the enterprise to create and build reputable long lasting non-profit organizations.  

TILFA has an established relationship with over 130 country legal advocates to execute intellectual property prosecution matters and set up the not-for-profit organizations. 

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