The daily business affairs of the organization are managed by seven appointed directors each overseeing a continent of the world. Each Executive Director is a natural born citizen and native fluent speaker of the continent they administer ensuring three key fundamental belief principals:
1. Global Community Access. Each region within a continent is adequately represented where local film professionals and artists have direct access to a high level executive of TILFA.
2. Global Equal Representation.  Directors ensure an open pipeline of communication to address the needs of local filmmakers, institutions and film organizations on the world’s only global filmmaking platform.
3. Global Content Exposure. Directors ensure the content and The Voice of the Artist™ has a global audience without fear, prejudice or compromise.

TILFA functions as an idea driven organization where our high-performance-idea-processes are used to capture and manage the direction of the global Legacy Enterprise.  As such, we are top-directed driven by the ideas from the bottom-up allowing the artists to drive the direction of our efforts.  

Coined after L. John Doerr, Executive Directors execute the mission and vision of the organization utilizing a private curated management initiative entitled LEGACY OKRs.  We source the needs of global film artists, set objectives around those needs and deliver the key results desired.

Executive Directors meet in person twelve times per year and spearhead the four annual quarterly meetings with the Global Leadership Team.  Each director is required to serve as the Chairperson of one World Stage Committee which meets weekly implementing our LEGACY OKR initiative.

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