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The Best in FILM In The World

TILFA is propelled by the ambition to give life to new stories and new visions that reflect the diversity of our world where we honor different points of views and discover new humanities as we celebrate and honor the most powerful art form – films.

The Legacy Award Show is an annual celebration of film unity and cinematic excellence designed to mainstream the social consciousness of all film on one global platform.  The world’s best in film are honored during The Legacy Award Show – the most inclusive entertainment award ceremony in the film industry. Through the Legacy platform, filmmakers have equal opportunity to submit their works for consideration for the Legacy Award. Upon submission, the most influential works from the regional film communities are reviewed and voted on by reputable regional industry professionals representing the seven continents.

It is important to note that The Legacy Award is not just for films in Hollywood, Bollywood, or Nollywood – but for all films in the entire world.

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The human legacy to mother earth is to share and give back what she is given us – the story of life. 

History has always been passed down through ritualistic story telling.  From the moment cave men and women were in caves, after starting a fire they wrote on the wall to tell their story.  The art of storytelling has been around before language.  Storytelling allows us to share our journey in life. Films capture these stories as the legacy of humanity. 

Earth day is a symbol of the legacy of humanity, global inclusion, equality, and social awareness.  It is the only united global holiday on every continent calendar.  TILFA firmly believes that we are stewards of the Earth as we are all equal in the circle of life where no person, culture or country takes precedence over the other. 

We should not be blind to our differences but aid the other in our flight for freedom.  We should share in the joy of our common interests and to the means by which those differences can be resolved.  If we cannot end our differences, we can contribute to the others pursuit of happiness.  Though we possess many differences, we have one basic common link as the inhabitants of this small planet in a vast universe.  

Let us share our stories together.  Bring to light all stories that may be censored in darkness. 

Legacy Events Week

TILFA invites the global film community to take part in the Legacy Events Week held during the week of the award show.  Film events, lectures, seminars and so much more are scheduled to be held during the week of the show.

Every year, the location of the Legacy Award Show will vary.  TILFA will host the Legacy Award Show and the weeklong events in the country of the Best Film in the World.  This allows us to explore how they make their films and expand their film market.  Film executives and filmmakers are invited to network, receive global exposure, and enjoy the festivities of the region.

Legacy Award Categories

Every year, the Trustees of Legacy will bestow the Legacy Award to thirty winners.  The recipients will be held as the Best in the World of Film in their category and inducted in the prestigious Legacy Film Academy as a lifetime member.
The Legacy Award Categories:
  1. 1. Best FILM in the World
  2. 2. Best ACTOR in the World
  3. 3. Best ACTRESS in the World
  4. 4. Best DIRECTOR in the World
  5. 5. Best CINEMATOGRAPHY in the World
  6. 6. Best SUPPORTING ACTOR in the World
  7. 7. Best SUPPORTING ACTRESS in the World
  8. 8. Best SOUND EDITING in the World
  9. 9. Best SOUND MIXING in the World
  10. 10. Best VISUAL EFFECTS in the World
  11. 11. Best MAKE-UP AND HAIR in the World
  12. 12. Best STUNT COORDINATOR in the World
  13. 13. Best PRODUCTION DESIGN in the World
  14. 14. Best COSTUME DESIGN in the World
  15. 15. Best ORIGINAL SONG in the World
  1. 16. Best ORIGINAL SCORE in the World
  2. 17. Best SOUNDTRACK in the World
  3. 18. Best COMEDIAN ENSEMBLE in the World
  4. 19. Best DRAMA ENSEMBLE in the World
  5. 20. Best HORROR ENSEMBLE in the World
  6. 21. Best SCI-FI ENSEMBLE in the World
  7. 22. Best ANIMATED FEATURE in the World
  8. 23. Best ANIMATED SHORT in the World
  9. 24. Best DOCUMENTARY FEATURE in the World
  10. 25. Best DOCUMENTARY SHORT in the World
  11. 26. Best SHORT in the World
  12. 27. Best WRITING ORIGINAL in the World
  13. 28. Best WRITING ADAPTED in the World
  14. 29. Best FILM EDITING in the World
  15. 30. Best CHILD TALENT in the World
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