Pioneers of humanity

We honor trailblazers who will be forever known by the tracks they leave.  The pioneers we recognize understand the goal of life isn’t to live forever but to create something that will. 

TILFA recognizes innovative film leaders and humanitarians around the world as monarchs of the global film industry. The awards are given at the discretion of the Global Leadership Team which includes the Founders Circle, Advisory Board, Executive Directors and The Associate Board of Directors. We honor filmmakers who use their craft to cause change.  It can be also given to an organization whose service to humanity has been through the cinematic arts.  We encourage artists and organizations to create impactful content to cause change for the greater good.

The Lumière Technological Award of Cinematic Excellence 

TILFA and The Legacy Awards is inspired by Louis Jean Lumière and Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas Lumière the inventors of the cinematograph moving pictures.  

On March 22, 1895, the Lumière brothers held their first private screening of the moving motion pictures in Paris at a conference entitled “Society for the Development of the National Industry.”  The film was exactly 50 seconds in length and shown to an audience of about 200 people.  Over a millennium later, with over 169,000 cinema screens, the Lumière brothers have left a powerful lasting legacy that marries the power of ideas with the power of images which has led the world to experience greater peace.  Through their invention, films have set trends, shifted corrupt government bodies, solved humanitarian crises, and taught us more about ourselves then we know.

We honor filmmakers who have caused significant progressive-innovative change to the filmmaking industry.  These are filmmakers who by design have innovated new technology and resources that services filmmakers around the world.  Honorees are celebrated for their ingenuity, innovative service and technological contribution to the global filmmaking community. The award may not necessarily be awarded every year.

The DAR Lifetime Cinematic Distinction Award of Film Excellence and Service to Humanity

Jean-Que M. Dar is the founder of TILFA and The Legacy Awards.  The staple of the TILFA organization, its mission and vision is curated around one theme – to service humanity through the art of film. 

This award recognizes those who have attained distinction in the art of the filmmaking profession having had a profound impact in the field of cinema while servicing humanity. We honor filmmakers whose cinematic works are at the high level of industry wide cinematic distinction. The works of these honorees are also recognized as a service to humanity having caused global awareness on a subject that has triggered reform in any community. Honorees must exemplify a high level of creative contribution that has led to reform in local laws, legislation, and/or community progression. 

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