The Film Industry's

Boom and Bust

 In 1906, the first feature film was created in Oceania, The Story of Kelly Gang, an Australian film.  Since then, the world’s most notorious filmmakers came directly out of the Indian and South Pacific Ocean region.  Throughout the region, the Oceania film industry has the most recognized class of actors in the world. 

Since the inception of the Cinématographe  in 1895, Australia was one of the most prolific film-producing countries at the time with four narrative features followed by 150 film by 1928 leading the global film industry in film productions.  One of the biggest and most ambitious film trilogy was shot in the South Pacific Ocean, The Lord of the Rings.  With a budget at $330 million, it is one of the most expensive films ever created filmed on site in New Zealand where one in every 160 New Zealanders participated in the production.  With a total revenue of $2.9 billion The Lord of the Rings has sent a clear message to the global film industry, bring it on.

TILFA is eager for filmmakers in Oceania to take center stage and submit their film projects for a chance to win a Legacy Award and title Best in the World of Film.

TILFA Film Regions and Countries Represented

Two National Directors and two Regional Directors are assigned to Oceania to oversee the following regions:

Indian Ocean

  • Australia, Indian Ocean Islands

South Pacific Ocean

  • Papa New Guinea, New Zealand, Antarctica, Fiji, Tonga, Niue, South Pacific Ocean Islands

Michael Harrison

Executive Director

Film Regions

Indian Ocean
Pacific Ocean

National Directors

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Regional Directors


Access Region

  • Indian Ocean
  • South Pacific Ocean
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