The Legacy Film Academy is the most prestigious film academy of globally elected filmmakers best in their class elected by the best film-award winning filmmakers from each of the seven continents.  The revered elected members of The Legacy Award Academy are celebrated for their prestigious work performance in originality, technical innovation, cultural significance and artistic value in cinema and film craftsmanship. 

Every year filmmakers from around the world submit eligible film projects to be considered for The Legacy Award in thirty+ categories.   Upon receipt, the Associate Board of Directors categorize the films to be considered for a nomination.  The Trustee of Legacy members vote for the best in class for the award.  

The top five films receive a nomination in each category; the top seven films for the category Best FILM In The World receive a nomination.  One winner per category of the award is inducted as a lifetime member of The Legacy Academy with unrestricted membership benefits.  

Rules & Eligibility 

Film submission requirements are set by the Associate Board of Directors, which has an assigned representative for each global film region and community in the world.  Eligibility rules are set according to region resources.  Eligible film projects may only be assigned to represent one country.  Filmmakers need not be concerned of prejudicial universal eligibility rules – each film region will have its own eligibility guidelines based on local resources.  Each local region rules are compared and weighted against all other film communities to confirm equal access to The Legacy Award. 

Eligibility per region is set with two mandatory considerations: First the requirements set by other local film communities on a continent, and secondly rules set by other continents.  Local Regional Directors set the rules per local film community.  National Directors confirm that the rules set by its Regional Directors are fair and neutral amongst all other regions.   The Global Chamber of the Associate Board of Directors adopts the guidelines to be enforced by the organization. 

No Red Tape

The Legacy Award Show provides all filmmakers with the opportunity to submit their films for consideration.  An unknown Actor in the Middle East could be nominated for Best ACTOR in the World against some of the most celebrated established Hollywood film Actors.  We encourage filmmakers to tell their stories free of fear, prejudice or compromise. There is no red tape for submission.  

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