The Trustees of Legacy Academy is made up of film award winners from around the world.  Recruited with purpose and passion, this Academy votes for the best filmmakers in the world despite experience, prejudice, compromise or influence. Only these award winners have the knowledge, experience, clout and artistic authenticity within each film category to elect the Best Filmmakers in the World in a film category.

TILFA has placed award-winning filmmakers from around the world into one academy to elect the Best Filmmakers in the World.  By the recommendation of the Global Academy Membership Committee with direct oversight by the Global Leadership Team, the Trustees of Legacy are entrusted with the utmost task and sole privilege to elect the preeminent and most distinguished filmmakers in their class.

We believe only the best filmmakers in the world can bestow the title of Best in the World of Film to the receive The Legacy Award.

Trustee Academy candidates are recruited from the hand selected ten distinct film award-conferring organizations from each of the seven continents of the world – totaling seventy-selected film-award conferring organizations.  Candidates that accept the honor of our invitation are inducted as a Trustee of Legacy Academy member for a three-year term.  Each Trustee Academy member then votes in two categories for The Legacy Award – their representative film category and Best Film in the World.

By the commendation of the Global Film Admissions Committee, artists and filmmakers nominated for Best in the World of film gain global recognition and become universal principal filmmakers within the global film community – leaving no story censured from the global stage. 

The Trustees of Legacy Academy associates are lifetime members of the Trustee Academy and receive an excess of membership benefits that includes an active three-year voting privilege.  After the active three-year voting privilege, Trustee Academy members are listed as Trustee Legends and may continue to enjoy the benefits of the Trustee Academy.

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